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Group workshops or sessions tailored to your family's needs

Supporting children and young people with mental health

Parents are on the frontline supporting their children with mental health. If you feel at a loss as to how to parent your child struggling with issues such as anxiety, eating disorders, school ‘refusals’ and self-harm then it might be worth considering one of three options: therapy for you, a workshop or a block of parenting sessions.

Sometimes the best way forward is therapy for yourself - giving yourself some time and care and a chance to think about which aspects of family life seem to particularly trigger you and why.

Perhaps you would like to connect with other parents who are also experiencing difficulties - a workshop might be best for you.

If you or you and your partner would like to think more specifically together about family dynamics with mental health then a block of individual parenting sessions would be a good way forward.

Please note: I only work directly with young people aged 16+

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