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You might be here wondering if it really is possible to change how you feel – if talking to someone else can make things feel different. I’ve seen that it can. Counselling gives you your own time and space to consider what is going on, who you are and who you want to be.

The possibility of time and space might feel important because you are currently experiencing something where your own resources no longer feel sufficient to cope. Perhaps you see that you are responding to situations with more anxiety, anger or distress than feels entirely manageable, or it may be that you are feeling very little and have a sense of being out of touch with yourself or others. These feelings might have been triggered by an identifiable event in your life, they may have been brought about by managing a difficult situation over an extended period of time or you may be frustrated because you can’t see a logical cause.

Clients come to me with a range of experiences such as anxiety, stress, difficulties managing relationships, trauma, grief, bereavement, disordered eating, issues around intimacy and sex, self-doubt, intrusive thoughts, family conflict, questions about sense of self, depression, addictive behaviours, anger, pressure and suicidal thoughts. I also work to support family dynamics  - with those who want space to consider their relationship or marriage, and with parents who care for children and young people with mental health challenges including those who self-harm.

Phone: 07940 816 483
I am currently offering sessions over the phone, online or face to face

from my office in Rusthall following covid-safe guidelines.

Counselling: Welcome
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